5 new dynamic Blogger views? WHOA

Cool new Blogger stuff!  Dynamic Views for Blogger Readers

Blogger currently offers five dynamic views for its public blogs:
# Flipcard: available at [blogURL]/view/flipcard -- EXAMPLE w/rekzkarz
# Mosaic: available at [blogURL]/view/mosaic -- EXAMPLE w/rekzkarz
# Sidebar: available at [blogURL]/view/sidebar -- EXAMPLE w/rekzkarz
# Snapshot: available at [blogURL]/view/snapshot -- EXAMPLE w/rekzkarz
# Timeslide: available at [blogURL]/view/timeslide -- EXAMPLE w/rekzkarz

Sidenote:  I chose today to remove all the Google Ads when I saw a right-wing anti-Obama ad appear on my blog!  Don't think I'll be losing too much revenue.  HA (Not that I'm a big fan of Obama, but he's better than the Neo-Con Fascist White Aryan Racist party (aka Republican Party).  Obama may not be progressive, he may not forward the left-wing agenda, he may not improve life quality in the USA for the poor -- BUT they can't take his blackness away, and there IS a black family in the White House right now in a country that imported millions of black slaves, tortured raped & killed millions, and never apologized for it.  So whatever happens, the media-manipulating multi-billionaires can't un-black-ify him!  (Or maybe they can!  They are surprisingly effective!  NO!!!))

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