If we get Financially SMART & think outside of the box, what could that look like?

I posted this comment in response to The Automatic Earth Article  Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, which discusses the 'next Tsunami', namely peak oil & resource wars, and Slaughterhouse Finance referring to Kurt Vonnegut & the dilemma of the global debt burden:
While I agree with much of the commentary, there is another reality possible.

The notion that 'we' (in this case wealthy consumers) must go to war to battle for all the resources, coupled with the concept that 'we' (the people stuck with huge debts thru spending ... and corruption) must pay back massive global debts are both choices.

Frankly, when Greenspan recommends paying the debts off, and Bush as well, their concern IMO has more to do with their awareness that they are completely culpable for much of both problems.

Bush didn't want the USA to be independent and healthy, but rather dependent and hooked into global commerce like the IMF & World Bank recommend -- focus on exports, let your population starve/suffer, and boost the wealthy class.

Greenspan kept arguing that market forces will correct for all the problems and regulation must be fought always.

And then when they had screwed things up (IMO intentionally) as much as possible, they got a *GREAT* interest free loan from the public coffers to boost their wealthy friends portfolios while gutting the USA's solid financial backbone.

And now we are not bailing out our economy which is under assault by 3 wars & inflated military spending, tax cuts for billionaires, sharply lowered home values and less jobs for workers, and more curious coincidences.

When the Republicans threaten to shut down the govt or not open the debt ceiling, it's b/c they live in the dream world where they will survive on bottled water for years while the poorest eat eachother in the streets (seen Book of Eli?), or they figure Armagedon is overdue.

And I say all this b/c we have a choice as human beings -- to abandon an economic system which obviously is rigged to extract wealth to the top (as Karl Marx showed so clearly) and find another metaphor for global distribution of goods & services, and improve balance.

THANK YOU BOLIVIA for your short-term work around, which is to assign rights and values to those creatures which can't speak to defend themselves, namely animals & some green areas.

We all know the metaphor of "does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if no one hears it?"

But do we all understand the metaphor that "in modern economics, raw materials and natural resources have zero value unless they can be exploited, commodified, and consumed in a marketplace"?

It's almost the same STUPID concept!!!  And we need to get SMART!

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