Jesse Ventura on Piers Morgan

Jesse Ventura is a hero of the USA, I believe.  He's a 'rogue outsider' who has the courage and passionate commitment to speak truth to power.  Jesse was on Piers Morgan's CNN show.  Piers Morgan is a horrible interviewer -- he has his own agenda & won't allow the interviewee a chance, and now way would he consider seeing the world from their viewoint.  Piers attempted to challenge Jesse a lot, stopped him from finishing answers, contradicted him, mistated his position to counter it simply, laughed at him, and actually dared to called him a coward.

When so few in the USA say what Jesse says, but so many of us know some of it to be the truth, insulting Jesse for being a true patriot is a sad thing.  If Piers could grow a pair and confront the power structure -- go after a Tea Bag idiot, or a Republican moron, with similar vindictive attacking questioning, but he can't.

What's disgusting to me is that Piers Morgan is the coward, the wimp, the butt-kisser, the sellout -- but Jesse didn't respond to Piers' lack of manners b/c Jesse has manners.  He's a gentleman on top of all the other stuff!

The only thing on Piers side is that he had Jesse on and let Jesse speak a bit about what's true -- to discuss 9/11 coverup & that 9/11 was not only planes attacking the USA, that he accused Cheney of knowing about attacks (& possibly helping), that Jesse got to call the USA a fascist country, Jesse's show had an accusation of Obama as being a former CIA agent (which Jesse did not explicitly acknowledge), and so much other great stuff.

I acknowledge Jesse for not wanting to pound Piers Morgan's head -- but in some ways, Piers is a good interviewer for Jesse Ventura, b/c Piers (who is acts as if he's a highly educated Englishman working for CNN) is actually completely ignorant of the gaps in media coverage and ignorantly claims that the problem with conspiracy theories is that once you buy into one you may believe many.  The flaw in that argument is that what if one or more of those theories are actually true -- do you throw it out b/c other ones (like aliens in Area 52, or CIA assassinating JFK) seem too far-fetched?  Jesse made the point about being in-favor of WikiLeaks and very concerned about Bradley Manning's health.  Also, Jesse criticized the use of torture and Guantanamo.  THANK YOU JESSE!

I did not know Jesse is suing the TSA for violating his 4th Amendment Rights, but it's a great case -- he has a metal hip and he was a Mayor, Governor, and an navy veteran.  His point is that when he flies he will always trigger the metal detectors & thus always be sexually assaulted by the TSA, and there is no reason to do this.  I agree, but it should go further -- no one should be forced to be searched / probed by the TSA.  The USA needs to fix it's foreing policies so no one is incentivized to do harm to citizens here -- rather than killing civilians all around the world in an effort to take over more of the resources of the Earth that the USA has no right to steal & use.

Piers Morgan, you are officially (from rekzkarz) a condescending douche-bag, a cocky ignorant wanker, a dweeb, and a bad interviewer -- but you had Jesse Ventura on your show and let him speak a bit on some things (and he was pitching his new book), so you're not THAT bad of a douche...

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