Why I love RPG'ing

Edited from a post I placed on the SF Mage: the Awakening Tribe on tribe.net

I've been a gamer for ages. I really dig it. Favorite genre is scifi, then urban, then magical. (For some reason, the Tolkien-esque fantasy world doesn't jibe with me well, although I've done that too...)

I am upset w/RPG co's that want to sell more & more books even if it hurts the game. (That said, I still have a fat shelf full of RPG books, tho. & I think the 'pirated' .pdf explosion of books is really good for gaming -- but that's another story.)

Many games make Magic feel mundane. Mage by White Wolf 'keeps it real'. I also like the White Wolf RPG style of 'talk it/act it' vs the Wizards of the Coast style of paint a miniature & stick it on a map. The creativity is tasty.

Mostly, I like RPG'ing b/c I get to share in fantastic 'pseudo experiences' with my characters: to go to amazing places, meet amazing people, and truly join in an adventure deeper than any movie, more personal than any book, and with other humans (not a huge fan of PC 'rpg' mimicry). I also relish acting 'not-me' for a few hours.

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