Good news!
Ari and Corinna are engaged!

We are psyched. More info to come...

And ...
We went on a 10 day vacation trip thru Calif & Oregon. It was very beautiful.

First stop was her family's place up in Willow Creek, CA. Good fun. Danced to Dr Squid, & hung out w/C's whole family except her bro.

Then up to Florence to see my Mom & step-Dad, Ed. It was fun also, although my Mom was stressed b/c she thought I felt like had to buy property on this trip. Really I was just looking, 'getting my feet wet' in Oregon.

I was obsessed with duplexes!!! Only duplexes in Eugene and Coos Bay. Saw some pretty sad duplexes in my price range. But was it a learning experience? Oh my! Now I'm considering a single-family home in Astoria, and perhaps Coos Bay.

Then Corinna and I were supposed to start heading down to SF area. Instead we went North (on a Corinna-whim, which she hours later doubted) -- all the way to Astoria. Astoria blew us away. Wow!!!

Saw a few places. I want to buy one. Not sure if I can do it, but considering... The view is ... no words to describe. The place is neat-o. There's another place that was impressive too, but it didn't hit us the same way. We'll see what happens next.

And gotta give props to -- Lunar Boy Gallery and also Shuckers Oyster Bar in Lincoln City. Joyce (amazing sculptor and co-ownder of Shuckers) and Ken were so nice. If you're going thru Lincoln City, go there!!! Possibly the nicest folks I've ever met??? Corinna and I are on their wall of shame now. HA HA

Now I'm back at work. And it isn't that bad! Wow...
Vacations are amazing! I was feeling pretty good for a few days there.

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