Interview, headache, vacation

Had a 2 hour interview. 2 panels. Thought it went really well. Feel like I was honest and also spoke well. Not totally certain, bc..

I had this 'optical headache' 10 minutes prior to the interview that lasted for about 30 minutes. My eyes became REALLY sensitive to light, and I couldn't see about 20-30% of my field of vision. If I closed EITHER eye, I would see the visual anomaly.

It went away about 1/3 into the interview. I thought I should mention it, but decided not to. It vanished after awhile, but it was strange -- I couldn't see one of the panelists for a good 1/2 of the interview. And more than that, I couldn't read much and people's faces looked very strange.

But the Director seemed to like me, so hopefully I'll land the job? Fingers crossed!!! This would be a far better opportunity than the other one just a few mo's ago.

And now ... I'm on vacation from 8/12 thru 8/21. JOY! JOY! HAPPY HAPPY!
But I might be buying property in Oregon. So what a conflict to buy property AND change jobs at the same time! But what ever -- WHEN is the perfect time?

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