Blew the ADHD diet, now just trying healthy

Well, I tried Evening Primrose Oil & DHA. Seem to be very powerful in mellowing me out. Hard to do take daily, even w/the pills at my desk.

Ran out of Oats, bought the wrong stuff. Going to buy the right stuff.

Anyway ... skimmed a book on 'Eating for Your Blood Type'. Interesting concepts, I clearly suffered when I ate Chocolate Ice Cream over the weekend. Pain and then exhaustion...

Wow, the diet stuff is really interesting. If it ain't one thing, it's another!!!

My Mom's bday is tomorrow. Happy bday MOM!!!! :)

Getting ready for a road trip to Florence, Oregon, by way of Eugene. Corinna & I are going to look at housing, maybe buy a place. I'm excited AND tripped out. So much $$$. But the way the USA is going (favoring the rich, crushing middle & poor classes), being a land-owner is THE MOST RELIABLE escape from poverty -- and then there's owning a business (plan to do that too), and career success (plan to do that too).

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