ShadowRun & Ecotopia

Just played ShadowRun. Aaaaahhh...

Gotta love it!

But now I'm up too late b/c of the coffee I drank.
Damn that corp crack! But the coffee was ... yumm!

Work blows. But no big. I will survive.
"Fuck work up the goat ass!!!"
Anyone ELSE out there think working 40hrs a week is ... dumb?
Why? It's truly unnecessary!

What we need is less meat, less pollution, and less work.
Wanna read about how that can work? (Doesn't mention meat, but ...)

Just finished "Ecotopia" by Earnest Callenbach. It's about Calif, Oregon, & Washington seceding from the uSA. We all joke about it, but it sounds good. Really good. And the book tells us how...

So what now?

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